Monday, April 15, 2002

...Wasn't expecting that to mean two days later, but there you go.

Where was I? Oh yes, Thursday we stayed around Felixstowe - partly so they could see the "market" (if you can call it that with the low number of stalls) and partly because Joan had to go to the dentist. Strangely enough, we actually managed to spend some money at the Market for a change and it was nice not to be rushing off to somewhere else. In the evening the girls went Bingo-ing again (and, again, didn't win more than the cost of getting in) while us chaps went to the pub to play darts and pool. Oh, what a fun time we had.

Friday morning we went to Woodbridge via Homebase for Stuart to buy wallpaper to take home to Canada. Some of that lumpy Anaglypta stuff they can't find at home apparantly. I get the feeling that my taste in interior design is a bit different from theirs! Perhaps they are still thinking about the UK they emigrated from 30+ years ago rather than what we have now. Anyway, Woodbridge was as pleasant as ever even if bitterly cold in the wind/shade. When will we start to get some real heat from all this sun then?

In the evening we went to The Beagle at Sproughton for dinner. One of my favourite pubs in the area for a meal, and it lived up to expectations once again. Part of the Vintage Inns chain run by Greene King, so they are probably all just as good.

Saturday we did Ipswich with them. I ended up with some new trousers and we got the last of Richard's birthday presents. It is actually his birthday today (we went round there last night for dinner and to gift him up). And then yesterday they left us to go up North.

Fun but frenzied few days, and my ears have just about returned to normal levels of input now. Not sure how long it will take the cat to calm down though. She really doesn't like Shiela, and the feeling is reciprocated. I'm glad I haven't got to worry about getting all the stuff they have bought home - they've had to buy an extra suitcase already - after the hassle we had coming back from theirs last year. Shiela will be back with us in May for another week or so.

So now I am back at work, and have just about made it through the emails and in tray after 7 hours of slog. Would much rather be at home catching up on lost sleep from last week. Didn't even manage to get away from the desk for lunch today, so nothing interesting left to talk about for now.

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