Saturday, April 10, 2004

So, the hordes are at the gates screaming at the top of their lungs... "How did the interview go then?" Frankly I wasn't sure when I came out. I knew I had given pretty good answers (and some of them were even my own rather than from Chris's assistance) and they made loads of notes (in fact I've never seen anyone in an interview write as much as Chris did) but can never tell how well I have come across. I guess I felt more confident than last time (the interview where I competed with Gary for our own jobs) but not really had enough interviews to tell how I did. However, I did get to learn what Matt thought of the other chap they called in and then had to escort him out of the building myself (!) and decided I probably had a better chance than he did.

I wasn't expecting to hear anything until after the final interview on the 20th but later in the afternoon Chris pulled me to one side and said that providing Mitchell agrees when Ian speaks to him on Tuesday I've got the job. It seems he is a bit dubious after my performance before, but Chris thought I did really well and Ian said it was like interviewing a different person. Which is nice. So, fingers are definitely crossed for a positive outcome from the big boss and then I shall have to see if I can actually do the job.

There will of course be all the transitional stuff where I have to learn the new and leave the old in a state convenient to pass it over. Chris wants Matt to get my job after covering it in the interim and he will need a fair bit of training up, but I think he should manage it. Of course I'm still nervous as hell over what I'll have to do, but just keep thinking that I need a change and the extra money will be very nice. So I'm very keen to get the personnel side of the matter cleared up straight away and start seeing the benefits. And while I'll miss Park & Ride I am totaly fed up with farting around with timetables and trying to get them printed in time. It will be interesting to see it from the other side.

We are seemingly going to take on a third of the county each, and I have got the middle/southern chunk. Glad to avoid Haverhill and Brandon and will no doubt get to know some of our prettier villages rather well.

There you have it. A couple more days of nail-biting and then hopefully I can crack on with lots of new challenges.

Not much else to add really. The rest of Thursday was mostly a blur and despite it being Good Friday Joan was at work yesterday. So I just pottered around and tidied and stuff. So far today the tumble dryer has finally been fixed and I've ironed until running out of the poncy water stuff we put in it for steaming. OK, so I could pop over to Spar and pick up another bottle but I've already been out twice today (three times if you count taking Joan to work) and am off into town again later.

Time for a few games of Pengo now (I've become hooked over the last couple of days, hurrah for MAME).

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Interview rapidly approaching (10 tomorrow) and the nerves are really starting to kick in now. Working at home today as we had an appointment with the bank to see if we would be able to reduce some payments should Joan have to cut back on her work and while I am getting shedloads of work done with no distractions, the peace is also letting my mind wander and get paranoid again. Am I doing the right thing in applying, do I have what it takes, will I actually get the job, can I do it, why am I doing it and all that sort of stuff. I think it helped that I spent a good 2½ to 3 hours talking over bits of the interview and testing process with Chris yesterday afternoon. Certainly gave me a few things to think about over how I present myself and what I need to be saying. Had to do a 200+ "psychometric" multiple choice test as part of the procedure and he says the results told him what he already knows about me, so that proces either the test is very well designed and perceptive or that I have done similar things before and no the right answers to give!

I won't deny I'm very apprehensive about the whole thing, but then I do need a change as I am getting a bit stuck in a rut with publicity. I wish I could drop that side of the job and keep Park & Ride but that will never happen. And now Martlesham is open there is no further development planned for the forseeable future so I really could be in danger of stagnating. I think this whole situation has given me the impetus to look elsewhere if I don't get this one though (perhaps even if I do if I don't get on with it!). Shall just have to see what happens.

I just wish all three interviews were tomorrow as I don't really want to have to wait for the third chap to be seen on the 20th before finding out how it went. OK, I'm sure Chris will give me some indication but he won't be able to tell me I've got one of the two posts before they have seen everyone.

Aaargh, the tension!

Oh and while I'm on... Finished Dragon book 2. Again, enjoyable to re-live the experiences and had forgotten enough to be flicking ahead to make sure things would come out alright for some characters (I hate the way authors sometimes put people I really care about in grotty situations when I just want them to be the happy background and others I don't care for can have the nasty stuff happen to them).

Am now reading The Island Of Lost Maps by Miles Harvey which relates the tale of a modern day map thief along with giving details on the history of maps and mapping, a bit of exploration, a bit of library design and so forth. Thus nicely linking a lot of the other stuff I've read in the last year or so into one neat package. Interesting stuff so far.