Friday, December 18, 2009

And so this is Christmas

As we head of for Canada on Sunday this will be my last post of the year and while I thought of several topics I could cover (snow!, Christmas telly, chiropodists, cameras) I am instead leaving this year with some random reminiscences from Christmas past...

Delight at finding the biggest parcel under the tree was for me - and even more delight on finding it to contain a set of dropped handlebars for my bike!

Sharing a room with my brother every Christmas Eve for years due to a grandmother stopping over.

Waking up to find the future MrsB making a cooked breakfast on our first Christmas together.

The family stories of Christmas events that come out every year - Uncle David with a big red circle on his forehead after being hit by a sucker arrow, baby me crawling round the tree removing the labels from all the presents leading to much guesswork, how the Danish side of the family wouldn't put their tree up until Christmas Eve - and have real candles on it and so on and so forth.

Being slightly creeped out by my Dad dancing to Sade with my cousin.

Uncle Mick slouching so low in his chair that only his head was vertical, party hat askew and glass of wine dangling perilously.

The first time MrsB and I hosted Christmas dinner - taking the empty plates back to the kitchen and coming back with the desert to find her family had put the telly on in the two minutes we were occupied.

Lengths of string bearing a zillion cards crashing down in the night.

Spending hours licking and sticking paper chains together.

Working late-night shopping when still at Argos.

The joy on the face of an Australian Christmas temp when she saw her first snow at the age of 23.

So, have a great Christmas and New Year. Thanks to everyone who has read my ramblings, look out for more in 2010!