Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Too much information

I've seen the packets of nuts that say "may contain nuts" and the "caution, hot" messages on cups of tea and apple pies but I think ridiculous information labels have reached a new low with this one. To save anyone having to enlarge the text, this comes from a packet of Wafer Thin salt beef slices from Marks & Spencer: "Wafer thin slices can vary in appearance and may break. This is natural and will not affect the eating quality."

How crazy is that?

There can surely only be two reasons for such a notice to exist, and I'm not sure which option is the worst. Either enough people have complained to M&S about uneven, snappling slices that they felt it justified or someone high up is worried that such complaints might come in so decided to pre-empt them. The former just shows how stupid some people can be, while the latter means that people sit and think about stupidity. Whichever, it is surely a sign that the end times are coming.

Oh, and no idea why it contains celery or why people may need to be warned about that.