Saturday, May 16, 2009


Is there anything in this life more satisfying than a Saturday afternoon snooze on a sunlit sofa?

Or, where did the last two hours go?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In the way

I was going to write something deep and meaningful tonight, but I'm just getting too much "help" from tawny here.
Another time maybe.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Now wash your hands

Now that the media has found other things to talk about (hoorah for MP's expenses) it seems that we are now "officially" worried about Swine Flu. Not only has our governement issue leaflet plopped onto the doormat today, but notices have appeared in the toliets at work telling us how to wash our hands. While part of me is appalled that we need to have such basic information pointed out in a poster over the sink, I also have to admit how much we really need them.

The number of times I wander into a cubicle to find it unflushed. I really don't want to see other people's bodily wastes thank you very much. So if they can't even be bothered to dispose of the evidence I doubt very much that they are washing their hands either. And I thought we only employed adults.

Still, I am sure they are all better than this guy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So, I like birds

Just been watching this Crow in our garden. We have two bird baths and it has been picking up bits of bread from the lawn, soaking them in one or the other while having a drink, then taking the bread off somewhere else. Whether to eat or feed to another bird (probably a bit early for babies I believe) is hard to tell. We seem to have two crows hanging around at the moment so quite likely we might get some babies on the lawn at some point in the year.

Never been a die-hard bird spotter, but do enjoy watching them flutter around the garden. We have a resident Robin as well as the regularly visiting sparrows, wrens, blackbirds, pigeons, collared doves, great/coal/blue tits, starlings and assorted gulls. I have also seen a heron, green woodpecker, jay and one or two others flash through on occasion.

Last Sunday we started the day with a visit to the Trimley Marshes nature reserve - just up the road but we'd never been before and I could defnitiely get more active in the bird watching field after that. Somehow the setting (and good weather) fitted perfectly with my mood to make a bunch of ducks, geese, gulls etc the best show on earth. Was particularly taken by the Avocets and Great Crested Grebes.

Of course now I want a better camera with lots of zoomability...