Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Now wash your hands

Now that the media has found other things to talk about (hoorah for MP's expenses) it seems that we are now "officially" worried about Swine Flu. Not only has our governement issue leaflet plopped onto the doormat today, but notices have appeared in the toliets at work telling us how to wash our hands. While part of me is appalled that we need to have such basic information pointed out in a poster over the sink, I also have to admit how much we really need them.

The number of times I wander into a cubicle to find it unflushed. I really don't want to see other people's bodily wastes thank you very much. So if they can't even be bothered to dispose of the evidence I doubt very much that they are washing their hands either. And I thought we only employed adults.

Still, I am sure they are all better than this guy!

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