Sunday, February 22, 2004

OK, time has done the flying thing again. Tuesday was good and bad together. For me it was pretty good as mr dentist fella was happy with my teeth and just wants to see me again this time next year. Woo. OK, so I will still have to keep seeing Kirstie every three months or so at £20 a shot but that's still better than losing the damn things. For Joan it was not so good - she went in to the Doctor raring to go back to work and he said no. So she won't be back until after our holidays now. The way Marion took the news (i.e. a total lack of concern and being a bit rude about it all) didn't help matters either and that made Joan feel worse again. Things have eased over the last couple of days, but she is still fretting over it. One day things will go well in one attempt.

So, what else has happened for me? The timetable books did indeed turn up on Wednesday (early in the day for a change, and with a ramp and pallet truck to help with the unloading) and I did spend Thursday and Friday out in the van with Matt delivering them. We made really good time and managed to do some of run 2 on Thursday. Which made for an early finish on Friday to start my holiday. Nice.

And then yesterday I turned 33. Don't feel any different, to borrow an old cliche. Everyone spent far too much on me, but there you go. We also did some shopping, watched a film (American Pie 3 - The Wedding which was just as funny as the first two despite lacking some of the original cast) and went to Mum & Dad's for dinner. Another good evening including playing games of the wooden block stacking thing (a generic Jenga) they bought me for a laugh. And we did indeed laugh.

Today we have visited the market and now Joan is off to Bingo. Hopefully with the success she had last time. Tomorrow I have a hideously early start for a Charter Mark seminar in Hammersmith before a jaunt around London then real hols for the rest of the week...