Thursday, April 15, 2010

Haunted by the past

Despite it now being over 12 years since I stopped working there (and indeed at least four now since they chucked Joan out as well), I am still having recurring dreams about going back to work at Argos. These nearly always feature the Felixstowe or Newmarket branches, which are the two where I had the happier moments of that part of my career, rather than say Ipswich or Stowmarket where things were not so rosy. I guess that must be significant one way or another but I'm not sure I want to delve too deply to find out more.

Of course, dreams being what they are, the representations of the stock rooms I used to manage tend to have unexpected extensions, increased floor space or indeed whole other floors attached which would have been very useful when I was trying to squeeze new product lines in each catalogue changeover. And in every case the dream narrative always makes it clear that I am going back to do them a favour/sort out a mess that people after me have made and that whatever crap I suffered in the past won't happen again.

Now I know I left there because my final manager ground me into a quivering wreck, and I guess this is an element of my subconcious trying to make it up to me, but really. Who wants to dream about work at all? Surely I should be flying, or slaying dragons, or living it up or soemthing exciting at night. Not stacking boxes, emptying pallets and counting stock.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunshine at last!

Well, it sure is nice to have had some proper blue skies again after weeks of interminable greyness whenever I have wanted to go out and exercise my camera muscles. I hope whoever was on that plane in the pic ended up somewhere nice, or they'll be kicking themselves for missing out on our sunshine.

Not that I have restricted myself to only going out with the camera when clouds aren't about, just that it is much nicer to have blue skies in the shots! Anyone wanting to see more recent things can always click on the picture to end up at Flickr for exciting bus pictures and the like!

Mind you, my thoughts have also been turned on to getting out and about by two recent books.

1 - The Tent, the Bucket & Me by Emma Kennedy. Hilarious recollections of childhood camping holidays, all of which feature assorted disasters and serve to remind me how lucky I was growing up. Unlike the Kennedy clan, our holidays were never under canvas (a school sailing trip to the broads and a cub camp don't count) and we generally ended up on the Norfolk coast rather than Wales or France. Makes me want to go for a look around and see how places have changed though.

2 - Map Addict by Mike Parker. This does pretty much what it says on the tin and looks at all sorts of maps of the UK, focussing mainly on the work of the Ordnance Survey, as well as those who collect them, live by them and so forth. Although I'm not a huge owner of maps, I love to look at them and can easily lose a few hours with an atlas or even a humble street map. The addition of the rest of the UK to Google street view recently is killing me with glimpses of places I have only ever seen as a collection of lines and symbols before and I am planning day trips by the score.