Monday, September 07, 2009

'Orrible Grizzly Murder

Watching You
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So we came home one day last week to find the living room full of flies. A little searching found a mouldering bird under the sofa. No need to guess as to the culprit, as this was the second little brown job that Tawny had brought in in a week or so.

The question is, why has she suddenly taken up hunting again after a break of at least seven years?

When we first got her (and late lamented brother Barney) she was a regular hunter, bringing in mice, shrews, voles, frogs and, er, twigs and stems. We didn't mind the twigs (although how she got them through the cat flap remains a mystery) - some of them even had flowers attached, but as the wildlife was generally still alive and kicking it tended to enliven the day somewhat more than necessary. And we had to start keeping her in at night after being forced to dismantle our bed at 3am on several occasions to remove presents.

So when she seemed to give up all that stalking for a sedentary life we were a tad relieved all told. And now she seems to have been bitten by teh bug again. Nice to know she's still got the moves (after all, she is pushing 14 years now) but I really don't need any corpses under the furniture.