Friday, December 10, 2010

Resting my ears

Originally uploaded by The original SimonB
Normally about now I would be posting my top songs of the year, but as mentioned in the post below I have hardly heard anything new at all. In fact, looking at the shelves this morning I counted a grand total of two 2010 CDs. Plenty of re-issues and stuff bought cheap in sales, but only those two day of release jobs.

Personally, I blame the BBC. Ever since they stopped showing Top Of The Pops I have become completely ignorant of what's in the charts. And on Radio Suffolk I only really listen to the Breakfast Show (which is all talk) and the Flashback Year on a Sunday. But I have also not been enthusiastic about discovering anything new either.

It has been a year of cosy sentimentality and wallowing in the familiar.

Reading other blogs has kicked me up the backside somewhat though and when Christmas is out of the way and I can spend money on myself without feeling guilty I'm off to find some new musical horizons. Suggestions welcome.