Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Hot as an oven again today. We both really struggled to sleep last night - I think I must have woken up on the hour and half from 2 onwards, so a bit dozy now!

Had a stinkingly hot wander around town for two hours this morning checking car park prices so we can decide what to charge for Park & Ride in the future. It needed to be done and it was good to be out of the office, but I could have used a bit of shade at times. Now all I have to do is turn a list of figures into some sort of sensible recommendation.

Afternoon has fairly flown so now it is time I was heading off to pick Joan up.

Remembered a dream I had while dozing on the sofa on Sunday - that Joan came in to ask me what had happened in big brother after I had been watching it without her (they had been getting naked and frisky in the pool in the dream). I dunno, dreaming about watching TV. Time I got a more interesting life I think.

Monday, July 14, 2003

All the minty gunge (I'm sure it has some proper name like dental surgical putty or something, but I'll stick with gunge) had come loose from the mouth by Friday lunch time and now I am left with the loose ends of the stitches flapping in the breeze (so to speak). I'll never take my tongue for granted again after this business is all over. I can see the threads in the mirror (a nice bright shade of blue) and they are no larger than you would imagine really, just about the same as normal floss, but to the tongue they feel like ropes. Very distracting/annoying but at least I haven't managed to pull any of them loose. Also don't appear to have experienced the same level of discomfort as before which is either good or means something isn't healing properly - but as no blood etc is hanging around in the mouth I guess the former.

Anyhow, had a very cliched, suburban weekend all told. Saturday after a late start we wandered in to town with the express aim of getting me some new shoes for the holiday. Much to my amazement we managed it, normally buying shoes is a real struggle for me as I have small feet and the shops just don't keep my size in stock. However, in place of my usual getting grumpy and flouncing off we ended up spending money for a change. Also bumped in to Mitchell and his wife (also buying shoes), got some shorts and had a nice lunch at Puccino's. After that Joan went to visit Lesley, now home from hospital with new hip while I tootled about the house doing ironing, computing and stuff. Then an evening meal at Ma & Pa's which was very nice.

Yesterday Joan did loads more housework while I cut the grass, washed the car, topped the oil and water up and stuff like that. We also cut some designer shapes in the lawn around some of the shrubs planted there and infilled with decorative stones. I think they look pretty good (and indeed cut down the mowing slightly in the future). Then after lunch fatigue hit and after sleeping for an hour or so outside I moved inside for another 2! I didn't think I had worked that hard, but it just goes to show something or other.

About of a third of the way in to Nathaniel's Nutmeg now and enjoying the tales of adventure, piracy and general high jinks on the high seas. Although slightly concerned that the man himself has not made much of an appearance as yet. This time Milton is just relaying a straight forward narrative of the events rather than trying to re-trace the journey's involved so it is a different type of book in many regards. Just as fascinating though.