Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Hot as an oven again today. We both really struggled to sleep last night - I think I must have woken up on the hour and half from 2 onwards, so a bit dozy now!

Had a stinkingly hot wander around town for two hours this morning checking car park prices so we can decide what to charge for Park & Ride in the future. It needed to be done and it was good to be out of the office, but I could have used a bit of shade at times. Now all I have to do is turn a list of figures into some sort of sensible recommendation.

Afternoon has fairly flown so now it is time I was heading off to pick Joan up.

Remembered a dream I had while dozing on the sofa on Sunday - that Joan came in to ask me what had happened in big brother after I had been watching it without her (they had been getting naked and frisky in the pool in the dream). I dunno, dreaming about watching TV. Time I got a more interesting life I think.

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