Wednesday, July 02, 2003

And today's quote from a WH Smith carrier bag is:

"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them withour eyes open." Jawaharlal Nehru (Indian Statesman 1889-1964).

I wonder how I could get the job choosing these.
Woke up full of nervous anticipation today. Not really sure what for though - could be Friday and the dental work or it could be to do with having my performance review/appraisal thing next week. Can't say I'm particularly looking forward to either of those but neither can really be avoided.

Nice to be back in the office again today though as once more the rain is coming down every now and then in huge bucketfuls.

Not mentioned dreams for a while because I've not been remembering much about them, but a couple have stuck out. One was the first anticipatory Switzerland dream. If the hotel turns out to be halfway as nice as the one my brain assembled it will be a very nice week. Although I don't think we want the snow that also arrived with it!

The other one that sticks out was Monday night. While waiting for Charles on Monday while he was at a meeting in Lowestoft I went to one of the arcades at the pier to have a nose about for old games. i.e. ones that use proper joysticks rather than all the light gun, driving and dancing stuff that clutters up most arcades now. We are trying to locate as many classics as possible and list them on a Llamasoft web site offshoot so that was in my mind when I went to sleep. So I ended up dreaming of heading off to a meeting in Cambridgeshire with Charles and Chris which proceeded to over run. In the end we were forced to spend the night in the staff canteen at the place the meeting was held and that was absolutely crammed with old machines. Strange.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Well, I am absolutely bloody knackered. 778 boxes of books were delivered here on Thursday and I have now shifted over 400 of them to their final destinations. Been to all four corners of Suffolk and beyond. Thursday afternoon we blatted around Ipswich.

Friday was all around the coastal area. Saturday central and north west. Monday north (and in to Norfolk) and today I have mopped up the south. OK, so there are still a few holes to plug but basically all the major outlets are now done and people can get hold of the things. I've also finally got the hang of big vans I think. So now I just want to go home and sleep for a couple of days. So that will be nice to do on Friday before I hit the dentist. Well, not literally hit him. Unless he causes me pain of course.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. After a lazy start we went down to the Cemetary with flowers and stuff to meet Helen etc as Monday would have been Ernie's 83rd birthday. Not much in the way of tears which I think can only be a good thing.

Then we met up with Jacqui who I used to work with at Argos in Newmarket and is now running Ipswich and her husband David for a wander along the sea front, lunch, ice creams and a turn around the market before going back to ours for a cup of tea. Very pleasant way to spend the afternoon and something we ought to do more often. And the weather was still glorious enough for me to cut the grass after they had gone too.

Joan had her first meeting with the woman from Cruse yesterday and it seems to have gone pretty well. She is seeing her again next week so hopefully this will be the start of a proper healing process for her. I know after all the trauma of last year it will be good for her to get back on an even keel again. And having been through a lot of the same effects and symptoms (but from completely different causes) I do have a lot of sympathy for her. I just wish there was something more I could do to help.