Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Was listening to Papa Roach on the way in today, and I have to say it surprised me. Not the quality of their shouty rappy metally stuff (which didn't put them in my top 20 but I won't be erasing the minidisc either...) but the simple fact that where I was expecting the odd swear word, there weren't any. Having heard one of their songs (Last Resort) via Kerrang TV I was assuming I'd only encountered a doctored-for-daytime-tv type version as the lyrics seemed to suddenly cut out at the end of some lines - the obvious answer to that being a bit of editing. However, the same thing happens on the cd I borrowed from the library. I know some films get doctored for tv or airline versions (like, removing the plane crash from The Mummy for the airlines, can't think why...) but I can't believe this is a special library version of the album. After all, I've borrowed plenty of others that sound just like they should, rude words and all. Obviously some form of either self-censorship or just done to make us think perhaps? Either way I'm intrigued.

I think today is going to be a long one. The staffing review we were initially promised before Christmas (in fact, I think we should have had it in September) finally materialised on Monday, and we are having a group meeting this afternoon to discuss it. I can't see that being over quickly. From a personal point of view, I am once again annoyed to see the idea raised of moving Park & Ride from my responsibility to the network team. The part of my job I enjoy the most. I will not be giving that away without a fight. They also seem to have forgotten about large parts of what we do (such as bus stop maintenance, shelters etc) so I reckon we could be in for some lively debate. The biggest problem at the moment is of course the fact that they haven't done anything yet to replace my manager since he retured in January (like, it came as a surprise to personnel) and Gary is off with pneumonia. So Dawn and I are left trying to do four jobs. No wonder we both look zonked half the time. Of course, that means I should really be getting on with stuff rather than writing this, so I'd better do so. More later I think - I'll probably need to let off steam!

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