Thursday, April 18, 2002

Finally got my own car back again. It's only been a week and a bit, but feels like forever. Had to remember to change gears and things which put a damper on waving to people when cornering at high speed. Only joking, I'm too much of a grumpy git in the mornings to be waving. It did mean I got back to the Star Wars radio series as well after the same gap. Good job I know the story backwards anyway!

Remarkably thin on the ground here in the office today. Most of the network team are out surveying bus routes, and their boss has phoned in sick. Nearly did that myself as I wasn't feeling too hot first thing, but seem OK now. Person I'm most annoyed isn't here is Danny from Policy. Not because I'd prefer it if he was here, but because he is at a conference in Denmark - in Arhus, one of my favourite places in the world. The swine.

Time to crack on then.

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