Thursday, April 18, 2002

Busy morning, and I probably shouldn't be taking the time for this either. Just sent off an advert for Park & Ride to go in the Suffolk Business Magazine's Suffolk Show special and now have to write them 250-500 words of copy to go with it. I don't mind blowing my own trumpet for p&r (well, that is my job...) but I always assumed that the people who worked for magazines actually wrote them. Another one to add to the list of misconceptions then. Have also thrashed out another timetable for our next set of books and drawn on some maps. Hopefully this afternoon will give me a chance to do the collation of opinions stuff.

Only 1½ days to the weekend! And at least this weekend I haven't got to go anywhere with anyone so I can be a bit selfish for a change. OK, there will be the usual stuff to do like ironing and another crack at finding some shelves from under the piles of junk in the study, but at least I will be able to choose the accompaniment. However you spell that.

On the health front, I do at least seem to have got through the waves of feeling like death that were hitting me a couple of weeks ago. With any luck that will continue. Of course some of that could have been due to a mysterious bend that appeared in my glasses and is now fixed. Answers on a postcard or sealed antelope.

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