Monday, April 15, 2002

Just occurred to me that I have done precious little in the way of what it says on the left, and talked about cultural input of late.

What with the busy week, there hasn't been much in the way of it (still reading Trevithick, only listened to the CDs that came in the post) but we did watch the whole of series 3 of The Royle Family last week. OK, so that is only 7 episodes at 25ish minutes each, but notable anyway. We are all agreed on the total brilliance of the show - from concept through to realisation. Especially the way it evolved over the three series to encompass slight variations on the sitting around watching tv theme. Personal top bit is the stripping of wallpaper in time to Mambo No. 5 in the 3rd series, but all of every episode is noteworthy in some shape or form.

A real pity that Caroline Aherne had to leave the country for her own good. Am now hoping that (a) the series she has done in Australia turns out to be up to scratch and (b) they release the series she did with Craig Cash of Mrs Merton & Malcolm which was equally hilarious in its own special way.

Off home now.

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