Sunday, March 30, 2003

Why can't people make their bloody minds up? About ten minutes after I posted yesterday Joan phoned to say it was all on again after all. So I am just back from dropping her off at the bus. And naturally missing her like crazy already - especially after finding a note from her in the fridge when I went to get a drink! Oh well, I know at least 4 of the people she is travelling with so I am sure they will have a good time.

Went around to Ma & Pa for lunch earlier - well, it is Mother's Day after all. Very nice and she liked her present.

Finished the Adventures of Dougal while I was sat outside Argos waiting for Joan to come out last night. Very good stuff, especially as most of it was actually written as book rather than tv scripts so worked wonderfully. Three more to read which I think are all tv transcripts but should still be just as enjoyable. Have now started The Riddle And The Knight by Giles Milton. Story of his search to prove or disprove the validity of a book written in the 1350s by Sir John Mandeville claiming to have travelled far and wide and proving the globular nature of the planet. Fascinating stuff so far and has prompted me to go searching for the original after only 20 pages (it is allegedly available as a penguin classic so should be fairly easy to track down).

Right, time to check the Llamasoft forum for a bit, watch The Black Hole on telly, have some dinner and then chill out for the evening playing games or something to stop me missing Joan too much.

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