Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Playing the waiting game with Pindar again. Stuff they've had for a couple of weeks is still not here, stuff I sent yesterday is back already. Does my head in, and gets everyone else moaning at me. Hey ho.

Picked up Joan's tablets fine last night then watched the '60s film of Batman with my tea. Made me laugh all over again which was nice. Better than feeling down and anxious waiting for the Mrs to come home. Must watch it with the commentary soon.

Then just as it finished came the call from Joan to say she was at Bury, which was my cue to head for Ipswich. Coach arrived safely about 10 minutes after I did and we were home by about nine thirty. She had a pretty good time overall and even managed to obtain a freebie t-shirt and coffee cup thing (one of those posh stainless steel efforts).

And now I'm stuck in the office with the rain falling. Great.

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