Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Hmm, must have been major congestion on the interweb yesterday - the files I was waiting for (well, some of them) turned up at ten to three. Having been emailed at ten to eleven and twelve-ish. It's not even as if they were particularly large files either. Very annoying and by the time I'd finished sorting them out it was too late for me to get back to Felixstowe to pick Joan up. Grrrr.

There then followed a slightly strange and surreal evening - we made our Wills. Something we've been thinking about doing since we first got a mortgage and hastened by the experiences last year with June next door and then Ernie shuffling off this mortal coil. Having to actually think about what we'd want to do if we were in need of serious medical intervention or lost our marbles was quite sobering. Not to mention deciding what to do with the old corpse when the time comes. Plus there was then stuff like making sure neither of us would have to sell the house to pay for care and a few other twiddles. All of which pushed the bill up to nearly £500. Which was a bit more than we bargained for but was all stuff that needed to be done. Joan listed out a few individual bits & bobs she wanted to go to specific relatives but frankly I haven't got anything I'm attached to in that sort of way. Oh well, I can at least snuff it in peace now!

Today we have more waiting to be done followed by frantic proof checking and (I hope and pray) assembly of update booklets to get printed so we can start giving them out tomorrow. Even I'm begining to get a little cheesed off with the speed of things now.

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