Thursday, April 03, 2003


Good News - Not only did Joan & Helen win a tidy little sum at the bingo last night, but Joan actuall one some of it herself rather than Helen all the time.

Bad News - I feel like total death today. Dizzy, shivering and even had to stop the car on the way in to work so I could get out and throw up on the roadside. Not a pleasant experience. I don't really know why I continued my journey instead of doing the sensible thing and turning round and going home to bed. If I don't perk up soon I'm probably going to do just that anyway. I am sure it is all connected with the tablet withdrawal and am frankly sick to the back teeth of it (no pun intended). If only we weren't so damn busy here with all the service changes for Monday I would have gone home without a thought, but I'm just too damn conscientious.

Bad News - Still no timetables arrived from Pindar. I have just sent them a note suggesting that they might be advised to get their act together if they want to keep the printing contract when it comes to renewal time. I know they are doing their best but they are holding us up now. OK, so people here have been twiddling about with things up to the last minute but I did warn them in February that we would be having all these changes now so they have had plenty of time to get people ready to work on our stuff.

Bad News - Being grotty earlier meant I made no lunch. But if I do feel like eating anything later I will have to go out and buy it, and it is raining. Quite heavily. In defiance of the forecast.

Dream News - It was a busy night in my head again. First off some sort of extended travelogue through woods near Welwyn Garden City. Not that I recognised them of course, but you know how it is in dreams. You just know where you are even if the location bears no relation to anywhere you have ever been or seen. Then there was a long and involved plot involving hospitals and Llamasoft. Not sure why the two got connected but there you go. The main plot had a huge gathering of forum members at Yak's house, parts of which were accessed via ladders and trapdoors rather than simple staircases. But then I was also having to go off to hospital to (a) visit Ernie and (b) keep appointments of my own that were going to mean surgery and all sorts of other goings on. At that point I woke up feeling fine, dandy and ready to go to work. Then realised it was only 4am and decided a bit more sleep was called for.

That produced yet another "Back to Argos" dream. Newmarket again, and totally realistic this time, with no strange extra stockrooms or expanded loading bays or other improvements that have featured in previous dreams on the subject. With the current Jacqui/Claire management team in place. But it was very much an "on loan" from Suffolk CC situation where I was giving them a few weeks help to sort out a bad mess rather than going back permanently and they were paying dearly for it. Of course waking up from that one with the alarm found me feeling as crappy as I still am - see above!


Good News - I knew if I waited long enough before posting this there would be some. A couple of files arrived at last and we have at least been able to get one of the two update books up to Design & Print. Who have since complained about spots on the copies. Can't bloody win here. So now for some more...

Bad News - Although for Joan this time. Seems that although Gill is going next week and Marion from Ipswich is coming in (should really be good news that bit but...) they are also getting Peter back and Lee has to go to Bishops Stortford instead. This is definitely bad as Lee had got the stockroom looking the best I have seen it since I worked there while Peter is generally a pain in the posterior.


Good News (I think) - I'm still sat here and haven't had to go home ill. I feel pretty ill but am still grimly clinging on in the hope that I can at least get these damn timetables sorted before I give up.

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