Monday, March 31, 2003

Urgh. Feel all grotty again this morning. Having felt pretty grotty for much of yesterday too. I think it must be related to dropping the dose on the old anti-depressants again but don't quote me on that. Seems logical though.

Anyway, Joan arrived safe and sound (despite the suspension going on the coach) and by all accounts had a good evening chatting before turning in. Spoke to her again this morning and she didn't sleep all that well, but then I never do when I'm away either. In fact I even woke up and had to get a drink at 4 this morning - can't remember the last time that happened (but I think it is due to being dehydrated after the effects of yesterday and last night). Tawny wasn't best pleased either.

So, The Black Hole was actually a lot better than I remembered. I know I must have seen it on TV at least once before but otherwise we are back to the original 1979 cinema release (when my teacher was also in the cinema - I jokingly said I should go sit with him and his girlfriend and it has been recycled as me intending to ever since. Bloody families. Mind you, I can also recall the supporting feature was something about rodeos). Some of the effects were really rather good - especially the weightlessness bits. Still not sure about the ending though - it appears that Reinhart ends up in hell merged with Maximillian but quite where the survivng heroes end up I'm not too sure.

Some pretty vivid dreams again last night too. The first one started off in a fairly sane manner - Started off at a big theatre accompanied by people I used to go to chool with talking computer games before mutating in to a new scene where I was working somewhere that was a sort of cross between here and a post office and was showing the brother Richard around before he got stuck in to whatever his job was supposed to be. That then shifted again to me helping BBC newsreader Fiona Bruce to escape from this strange office as it was under attack (this bit I can understand as I did watch her reading the news which was mainly about the war in Iraq just before I went to sleep). We had to do a whole bunch of climbing walls and scrambling down slopes before ending up on the edge of London. Never knew my office was so big! Anyway, from there we had to get down to the west country somewhere which involved "borrowing" abandoned cars and driving through largely deserted streets (the Embankment was a bit eerie) picking up further refugees on the way. Quite exhausting.

After the interruption for a drink there was another action-packed widescreen adventure. That one started with me cycling around some strange version of Welwyn Garden City with Mum before going through a shop (!) and ending up in a dispute between various members of the Eastenders and Casualty casts over a baby with much violence and running around car parks going on.

I think I need to get my brain more exhausted before sleep.

Today I have already called in at the doctors to sort out Joan's prescriptions that she forgot to update before she went away. Which meant I was late arriving but luckily managed to grab the last space in the car park. I can pick it up tonight so that means an early finish will also be required. Shame. Will be popping out over lunch too as (a) I have a credit card bill to pay and (b) I was too lazy to make any bread to enable me to make sandwiches.

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