Wednesday, April 02, 2003

D'oh! Forgot to mention earlier. Had another slightly surreal experience on the way to work this morning. Saw my old car hurtling round the A12/A14 roundabout at Nacton. It's lost a wheel trim but otherwise looked OK (and was going faster than I would ever have gone round there!). I guess it was bound to happen eventually, when I'd been through enough cars or whatever but still slightly odd to see someone else behind the wheel.

And the quest for John Mandeville's book has been as easy as predicted. Not seen it in the shops yet but did find it on the interweb and have downloaded and printed it for later consumption.

Still waiting for files of course. Have had a few in but the whole process is just dragging today. Even the age-old method of going out for a walk in town failed to produce any new arrivals. In fact, all that did was to leave me feeling a bit gloomy at seeing lots of nice things in the shops but having no spare money due to the forthcoming (and much moaned about) teeth stuff. Oh well, only six months and all that will be over and done with.

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