Saturday, March 29, 2003

Bloody cost-cutting managers only interested in making more money rather than the welfare of their staff. Or in other words, not only has Joan's visit to the conference thingy planned for Monday been cancelled but they have to cut back on all overtime etc. To the point that should a manager go over their allocation by 1 single solitary hour they get a warning - do it three times and they get the boot. Absolutely marvellous. OK, so I'm pleased she won't be away for the night but it just seems like another kick in the teeth. What can I say? The system sucks somedays.

So, what happened yesterday? Basically I was kinda too busy to scribble stuff for here! Had another 1 to 1 with Sonic in the morning which was fine. We also went through the information strategy proposals for roadside and on-bus information and found them sorely lacking in places. Then it was timetables all the way for the rest of the day.

Went shopping after I picked Joan up and came home with a stinking headache. That was still with me when I woke up this morning so I went back to bed after breakfast and seeing Joan off to work. I never like sending her in a taxi rather than taking her personally but I didn't really have much choice today - not only was the head throbbing but we also managed to drop off again after the alarm went and had about 30 mins to get her out! Hey ho.

Oh yes, forgot to mention the other day - finished the Darwin Awards. Very entertaining. Have now seriously regressed to childhood days and am reading the first of Eric Thompson's Magic Roundabout books - The Adventures of Dougal. Cracking stuff and further proof of why the tv series was so successful with adults and sprogs alike.

Right, time for a spot of lunch I think.

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