Sunday, March 23, 2003

Feeling pretty down today. Several reasons I can think of. The 2 am visit to Argos after an alarm call is probably the most likely cause though, as despite some good sleep before and after I still feel tired. Did have some interesting dreams. One was obviously a re-tread of Jean Auel's Ice Age prehistory but went a bit awry when a jeep turnd up for us to use. The other involved me working on a new tv show with Louis Theroux of weird weekends and obsucre interviews fame. We were inthe process of visiting a bunch of numbered post boxes and using them to post things to people with corresponding house numbers. I'm not sure why we were doing this, but we were travelling in a Ferrari so that was nice. I was also trying to sort out and produce some sort of PArk & Ride publication at the same time.

Then of course Joan is working again today so I'm missing her. And despite the sun shining like anything it is still cold out and not conducive to much.

Went down to the Market after dropping Joan off, and despite almost an hour of wandering around came back empty handed. Just acres of junk and tat on display for the most part. Even the plants looked half dead for a change (other than the ones in tubs of course, which was not what I was looking for). I guess I could have perhaps picked up a couple of enjoyable books if I wasn't so damn fussy when it comes to buying second hand ones but like a Leopard I'm not into changing my spots. So that experience left me jaded too.

I did get as far as unlocking the shed to cut the grass but then decided against it. Despite the nice bright sun half the lawn is still in shadow and soaking. I would really like it to dry out a bit more before I go for the shorter trim. Not that I know anything about looking after a lawn really, just going on some sort of gut reaction.

And I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow's dentist trip to Colchester either. Especially as Joan has another appointment of her own and thus can't come with me.

So I think I will go for a snooze now and try to get cheered up later when Joan is home again.

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