Thursday, March 27, 2003

Talk about big cheesy grin time. Spent much of the morning riding around Park & Ride routes on a nice Nottingham City Transport articulated bus Ipswich Buses had borrowed for the day. Now that is what I call fun in a bus and I want them for Martlesham. Probably be defeated on cost, but it has to be tried. Damn thing went like a dream, fitted through all the gaps we thought might prove awkward and would turn on a sixpence. And IBL are desinging their new depot with them in mind as people won't go upstairs on double deckers and they have a couple of low bridges to contend with anyway on certain routes. Got to be a serious consideration really. I think the only issue will be to do with the fact that although they will hold 150 odd people only 50 get to sit down. And the people of Ipswich don't like standing up.

And no Sonic on the office today either so I'm able to get on with what needs doing.

Last night we relaxed and rather than the planning for who gets what in the will we are making next week we instead watched The Italian Job. Wonderful as always and much improved from DVD. I was surprised that Joan had never seen it before though. And almost a year since I last watched it - she is away for this year's Argos conference on Sunday night...

Now I have finished my part on the timetables that are changing on the 7th April I thought I could relax a teensy bit and just check them when they come back from Pindar. But no, Ipswich Buses are now changing the majority of their network in May. Back to the grindstone for me then.

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