Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Yawn. Is it time for bed yet? Feel ever so slightly tired today and not entirely sure why. Had a good sleep and all last night (with no peculiar dreams to leave me confused on waking) and Tawny didn't come bouncing along until after the alarm either. Where does she get the energy from at such an unearthly time of the day? Must be something in the air.

Had a meeting in Halesworth this morning. Seem to have agreed to help produce (i.e. do most of the work for) a leaflet plugging the attractions accessible by bus between Halesworth and Southwold. These seem to be mainly pubs and churches so I might have my work cut out for me there. Still, it was nice to not be in the office again. I even managed to grab a cancelled pool car (well, the Corsa van) so didn't need to use mine. I wouldn't have minded the mileage claim and some decent music (in fact, any music as the radio was knackered) but I prefer to leave it safe and sound in the car park if I can. Particularly when there is such a slim chance of getting parked again on return. I still get to claim for the lunch I had on the way back but that isn't quite the same.

No more timetables to play with or thrills otherwise though in here. Well, not unless you count the availability of some folding chairs we can use for meetings or general lounging about on the patio area outside the new bit of office the policy team are in. Quite how we will keep that facility after the move across town is to be discussed!

And finally we have enough sunlight after 5.30 that I have started carting a book around with me again. So now when sat outside Argos waiting for Joan to finish up I can do something slightly interesting. And hopefully I will be able to get through the huge epics a bit quicker. Just reaching the end of a book before I forget how it started will be nice. I am sure there used to be more hours in the day when I was younger. Can't be any other explanation for how I used to read all the time and race through books in a couple of days and still get other things done. Either that or books are getting longer. Which is true in some ways but perhaps I am just choosing fatter books. Trouble is I find quality as well as quantity in them so can't even say length just means waffle and go back to slimline tomes.

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