Friday, February 28, 2003

This is so bizarre. Had a very relaxed evening feeling fine again only for most of this morning to be spent suffering instead. Oh how some days I hate having to live in a body. Whatever happened to all the free-floating consciousnesses or robot doubles to download into we were promised inthe 21st Century by early '50s science fiction? When viewed from that perspective we really are in a terrible way - no flying cars, we all still eat real food rather than taking nutrition pills, none of the high street fashion shops have flimsy silver togas or foil jumpsuits in the windows, we don't have a domestic robot to do all the cooking and cleaning and holidays to the moon are still missing from the Thomas Cook brochure. A shockingly bad state of affairs. Somebody should do something about it. You will just have to excuse me now while I go and meet my visitors from a printing firm on Alpha Centauri...

Yeah, I know, a bit over the top. But I am getting a bit fed up with feeling bad because I'm stopping taking some lousy medication. It's not as if I was feeling ill physically and they were blocking/preventing/masking the symptoms which are now coming back because I've stopped taking them after all. I keep trying to tell myself that as the problems were originally "all in my mind" as it where I ought to be able to filter out the reactions mentally somehow, but haven't found much joy in the search for a method yet. So I will just waffle away on here instead.

And it is only an hour or so to the weekend now. Unfortunatley it seems Joan has to work both Saturday AND Sunday this week. I must have missed picking that one up as it was a bit of a shock when she mentioned it last night. Looks like I will just have to amuse myself (OK, and do the ironing) and take it easy if I feel grim. I expect I will do some exciting and innovative cooking as well if we manage to buy any interesting ingredients at the shops tonight.

My map has come along in leaps and bounds today, with roads, railways and the ferry it is intended to promote all added. I just need to speak to Dawn now about how she wants to show all the towns and villages and we are pretty much ready to roll. I have also read 5 issues of Coach & Bus Week that all made their way in to my in-tray at the same time. I do so love the circulation methods we have here. I somehow get the feeling stuff would still take weeks to get to me even if we all had out own copy of everything.

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