Monday, March 03, 2003

Another good weekend overall. Had some downer moments on Sunday but nothing too major. The main theme of the two days was pretty upbeat generally. Mainly thanks to the Lemon Jelly albums as they are just wonderfully uplifting and fun to listen to. With good use of obscure and interesting samples. It is also the type of music I'd like to make myself if I ever had the time, equipment and talent. I guess I might have the equipment as I have a whole stack of music progs and samples for the PC lying around waiting to be installed (not to mention built-in sampling facilities for all the strange stuff I'd want to put in), but the other two elements are still lacking!

I had a blitz on the ironing and some other general tidyness stuff. And made some bread that came out perfectly (yay for me!) and finally managed to get some software sorted on the PC to actually rip tracks to MP3 and create files that will work on other machines with no licence problems. Not that I will be going for mass musical piracy, but for sending the occasional top track off to people it will be very useful.

Entertainment goodness also came from more attempts at Timesplitters 2 - this time without the feeling ill business so I guess it was either long time no first person shooting or being actually ill before. Still having trouble on the normal setting, but having switched to Easy I have at least whipped off the first 4 or 5 levels now. I'm sure it shouldn't be so much fun shooting people, but some of the details are excellent. Right down to there really being a hunchback in the Notre Dame stage. Woo for hunchbacks. Also tried the co-op mode with Richard but didn't get off the first level (again possibly through playing on the normal setting - what kind of game has a health feature but no way of restoring it?).

Oh, and a new Jonathon Creek on the telly. Been away from the screens for too long.

I was wrong when I predicted me doing big things in the kitchen though. Saturday night we had a pizza which was OK, but won't be bought again (it was on a Ciabatta style base which didn't do much for either of us, frankly). Then last night we decided it was time we paid the Beagle a visit as we hadn't been there for ages. Very nice meal there and well worth the drive. Even had room for a pudding for a change. And with Joan off work today and a chicken sitting there just asking to be roasted I guess I won't be doing much of the cooking tonight either.

Not much going on at work today either. The meeting I should have had this morning has been cancelled, leaving me time to get on with Dawn's map and one or two other little things I've got on the burner. Still a few empty desks scattered about but Chris is back from Jamaica and seems to have had a good time. The git.

Couldn't be bothered to make any lunch again today. Must get back in to the habit there as although having to go out for food means that I do actually get out of the building at lunchtime, it isn't exactly cheap. Still, I will also go to the Library and possibly HMV again so it will be a multi-purpose trip. Might even help wake me up as I'm feeling a bit sleepy right now.

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