Wednesday, March 05, 2003

So the planned day out in the van turned in to about an hour and a half of not getting outside of Ipswich owing to the fact that there were hardly any books left in stock. Which according to my records means over 50 boxes have been taken without being recorded. How am I supposed to keep track of stuff when people help themselves willy-nilly? I have thus sent a snotty email round the group asking everyone to be more careful when the next edition arrives. It will be interesting to see what happens when we move to our new office as I don't suppose anyone has taken things like storage for large amounts of timetables into account. Not to mention bus stop flags.

Other than being a bit tired I'm feeling pretty good today. I wonder if that will be that or if the grottiness will come back at random, or when I reduce the dose again. Fingers crossed and all that.

Tiredness is due to the BBC deciding to show all of this week's In Deep last night rather than splitting it over two days as normal. Another good one (but the last in the series, boo hoo) that again managed to do without murder as the main plot. I think we will have to go to bed early tonight to make up for missed sleep.

Got pointed to a website earlier that has some sort of database of all the names in the country. It seems there are 106 Simon Barnetts lurking about. I wonder what the rest of us are like. I don't recall being related to anyone else with the same name. And indeed I wonder if there are any in other parts of the world. More to the point, I wonder if any of them are millionaires who would like to share their good fortune with namesakes. Got to be worth a try I reckon. Too many wonders in that paragraph.

Gary back from his holiday today so for the first time in what seems like months we are actually at full strength in the office today. All a bit strange - finding people at desks and not having to answer phones all the time for absent colleagues. I could get used to that last bit.

Still no letter from the expensive gum dentist giving me a formal quote. I think I might have to give them a call tomorrow to try and hurry them along. I need to start looking at making sure I get the time off to go down there if I'm going to have the treatment done, and as the first appointment is only a couple of weeks away I could use written confirmation. I'd like to see if I can wangle some of it as special leave rather than having to take holiday each time.

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