Thursday, March 06, 2003

Hmmm, interesting. They have put up temporary traffic monitoring cameras at the Dock roundabout in Felixstowe where I join the A14 of a morning and also at the roundabout where I come off again on my way to work. I wonder of they are looking for anything specific or just general surveys. Hopefully they will lead to improvements for those of us doing the Felixstowe to Ipswich run of a morning and the reverse at night as the layout of both these junctions seems to favour people doing other journeys than mine. I have sat for up to 10 minutes waiting to get a gap in the traffic some days which does not a happy Simon make.

Of course the trip in to work today was complicated by my own stupidity. I managed to leave my id badge/car park entry card on the desk last night so had to make sure I got up on time and out the house early (not easy on Joan's day off). Then find a space on street, come in and pick it up then move the car again. Not the best way to arrive! And not something I will want to make a habit of when we move as there is even less opportunity for on-street stoppage at that end of town. Of course they will probably change all the entry systems anyway while they have the chance.

Seems that Richard is not starting here until Tuesday now. I repeated my offer of a lift and he still hasn't made his mind up. He thinks he will be doing a 9.30 to 5.30 pattern covering the help desk and doesn't want to get in early with me and sit around finding things to do! Can't say I didn't try.

Entertainment last night came from Swordfish on Sky. Not a bad little film despite the poor rating in the Radio Times. Certainly had us guessing up to the end on some of the plot twists, plus I give it extra points for having John Travolta driving a nice British TVR rather than the usual sports cars that Hollywood likes. And I'm sure that certain aspects of Halle Berry were on the judges minds from this film rather than the one she was awarded the Oscar for when they were making their decision.

Am feeling OK again for the second day in a row, which has to be a good sign. Also not as tired (although I ought to be - dreams had me running up and down stairs half the night!).

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