Monday, March 03, 2003

I was right. The sale tempted me again so I left HMV with the Royksopp cd Melody A.M. which I have been thinking about getting for some time and at the price couldn't refuse. Mind you, I did manage to refuse quite a few other offers so I guess I won there. Also downloaded a cracking Lemon Jelly vs. The Prodigy remix as done by someone on the Llamasoft forum. Superb piece of cut & paste if ever I heard one. I do like that sort of messing around with music. Again, if only I had the time!

Have now done as much on the map as I can without outside advice. It has changed a bit from my original concept and I'm not 100% sure if I like it as much now but will persevere. Hopefully I'll be happy with the finished version anyway. I'm trying to combine a geographically accurate base and a representational style of information on routes etc which should be easy to understand, but I think it is losing a little in the mix.

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