Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Feeling grotty again today. Damn these bloody tablets. Still, this is now day two of week four and I haven't given in to going back up to one a day. I am determined to see this through to none at all unless I start getting really bad trouble from cutting down. Fingers, toes and legs are crossed on this one.

Of course the weather isn't helping today. Grey and dull with fine rain that seems to work its way under hoods and up sleeves and things. Which also meant having to have the heater on in the car to keep the windows clear and all that sort of stuff. Hope it is sunny again tomorrow as I've booked a car to go out and deliver some books. More to stop some people moaning at me than any other reason!

Joan is working late tonight moving stuff around on the shop floor. I did offer to help but she thinks it would be best "politically" if I stayed away. Oh well, can't say I didn't try. She is now confirmed on the annual conference thing for this year at the end of the month so that will be good for her to get away. Stupid thing is that although Argos are providing transport and B&B in Telford the night before, they are NOT paying for the evening meal. Seems a bit crazy if you ask me. I know they want to keep costs down where possible but you would have thought that when dragging people halfway across the country it would be only fair to feed them when they arrive. At least she is going with some people she knows from other stores again so they will go out together, rather than being alone.

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