Thursday, February 27, 2003

Well I was right about lunch being totally messed up. Didn't get back to the office until 5 past 2, but luckily there was still a space inthe car park. Not sure I had anything very positive to contribute either other than reassuring them I would be putting a bit more info in the books than at present - which I was planning to do anyway. And providing a bit of background information on how I run my Park & Ride user group which I get the impression will be ignored anyway. Hey ho. All of which meant I ended up having to leave work early to go up the town then rather than the plans I had for lunch. Which was basically to take back the jacket Joan bought last week as in the end it didn't match anything else she had and she got a different and better one in Felixstowe instead. Aaaaaargh.

Managed to have an evening without feeling like death warmed up last night for a change. Perhaps I'm through the worst now. Good job too as Dad finally managed to obtain the Ikea coffee table we have been after since September (and had given up on, hence the shopping for an alternative previously mentioned) and I had to put that together. And wonderfully the new powerdriver thing Joan got me for Christmas has an attachment for the alan key type headed screws they put in most flat-packs these days so it was a complete doddle to do. And it looks really good and does the job we wanted it for. Hoorah!

We then made use of the Sky movie channels and watched Coyote Ugly. Wasn't sure what to expect but ended up enjoying it thoroughly (and for the plot as well as the girls, honest) and being very impressed with the choice and use of music throughout. To the point that the first EMF cd is now sat in the car waiting for the journey home tonight.

And then the dreams were definitely not linked in with anything watched. One was a sort of back to college affair where I was approaching the start of the final year and visiting my friend Deborah. Who was living in a houseboat incongruously moored on High Road East in Felixstowe. Good design of vessel but not quite where I would have expected to find it! And then ending up in some kind of theme park looking for the British Embassy there. The other was another back to Argos one - in Ipswich. But this time I made it clear from the start I was doing it as a favour during a week's holiday from the Council to help them sort out some major problems. And I took the manager up to Park & Ride to show him why I wouldn't come back permanently no matter what they were prepared to offer me.

Today I have no meetings at all (hoorah!) which is letting me get on with some serious map drawing I've been trying to fit on for a week or so now. Always nice to be able to put some proper geographical knowledge to use. Makes me feel I didn't waste all that time going to College and getting the degree. OK, so once again the office is pretty much a wasteland so I am getting regular interruptions from other people's phones but at least they don't need me to drive across town.

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