Thursday, February 27, 2003

Well stone me, just had a text mesage from Richard and they've given him the job on the help desk here. That should make everyone much happier in Western Avenue. He will be starting on the 10th of March and I get the feeling I'll end up car sharing with him (well, it does make sense really) if he can get up early enough to make it here while it is still possible to park.

Caved in to temptation in the HMV sale at lunchtime and now have the Lemon Jelly ep collection KY and first album proper Lost Horizons. Listened to the former while map-drawing this afternoon and it really is rather wonderful stuff. Sort of ambient floaty dance stuff with mad samples blended in to the mix. I like a lot! That better be all I spend on myself this month though (and it hasn't even started yet!!) as I have to tax the car tomorrow. Boo hoo. Still, it is only once a year and also means we've had it six months now. Time to go home now and take Joan to get her back cracked.

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