Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Felt absolutely drastic again last night. I think it must be to do with the tablet withdrawal, but knowing what the problem is doesn't help cure it. At least the 10 O'clock electric shocks running through the brain seem to have stoppped again for now. Always a concern when you can set your watch by feeling odd.

Still, at least I have a good idea where last night's dreams came from as they were centred around what we'd watched on tv. Kind of an extended episode of In Deep but with the plots focussing on a corrupt health centre where too many patients weren't coming out again and then investigating the finances of a football team in a town that was at the same time being overrun by aliens. OK, so not the usual happenings in the show but fun anyway.

Nothing in the diary for the rest of the week so hopefully I can catch up on the outstanding map for the ferry project. Having to chose between trying to get a proper map extract produced (but our Ordnance Survey licence doesn't go down far enough in to Essex) or drawing my own in some kind of stylised form. I want to go with the latter but am not sure if it will be what everyone else wants. It would help if Dawn were here to discuss it with but she seems to be off with Tonsilitis.

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