Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree....

Well, actually I'm not sure they all count as sweet but I have had some pretty odd night-time noodles recently. Probably caused by getting the right amount of sleep for a change so here's the breakdown on some of them for your delight and delectation:

I'm the architect/chief designer of a big retail and office complex being built alongside a lake. I think it was meant to be North America somewhere from the scenery but the dream never actually made that clear. It was all looking very lovely with merchandise in the right places, offices full of happy workers (thus proving it was a dream) and so forth. Lots of trouble ensued with people trying to run the enterprise down and I was forced to resort to some pretty bizarre tactics to get rid of them. Like strapping them to the rollercoaster that just happened to be outside and making them ride all day until they agreed to desist.

Helen & Bhupen getting marriage vows renewed, loads of people trying to split them up and Joan and I fighting them off. To the point of physically picking up and moving the house of one of them (where did we get the strength from)?

Waiting in a fish and chip shop with Alexander for everyone else to turn up. We are trying to juggle several bags full of hot food (why did we have it in carriers?) and also give the rest of the group directions to find us. They were lost because the majority had insisted upon following Stuart's Canadian produced guidebook rather than listening to Joan who had been there before.

Eastenders, but set at my old secondary school, with assorted characters up to the usual scheming and plotting and backstabbing. That was odd.

And some others that I can't remember any more. Hey ho.

Mind you, last night I didn't sleep at all well. Kept waking up and taking ages to drop off again leading to feeling pretty grotty this morning.

Which didn't help when I had to drive up to Norwich for a traveline marketing meeting. Still, I got there in one piece with time to spare (with the help of Primal Scream, The Levellers and on the way back Jesus Jones cds) and in the end the meeting went pretty well. Plus had a good chat and catch up with Claire from Norfolk over lunch afterwards. Then back here for an hour or so of checking the mail and now I'm off home for a hopefully relaxed evening and by tomorrow I plan to be rested properly again.

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