Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Just remembered another dream from last night (my head seems to be working overtime while I sleep at the moment). This one was some sort of huge museum about the London Underground. All in one big building but over several floors. A sort of interactive ride experience as there were loads of replica stations from assorted time periods and you got to ride betwen them in the appropriate vintage rolling stock.

I think I must need to get out more.

Although right now I could do with either not getting out or a bit more notice. Seems I have to go to a meeting at Suffolk ACRE halfway up the Norwich road in 40 minutes time, which will mean me driving in my car. So probably no parking space free when I get back. About a subject on which I have almost zero knowledge (the Shotley Buzabout service) having had no involvement with setting it up or producing any publicity for it up to now. Marvellous. Plus it will probably drag on and totally screw up my plans for lunch time. What a wonderful place this is.

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