Sunday, August 04, 2002

I'm not going to start this off with some reference to it being a busy few days and use that as an excuse for my laziness in not putting anything on here since Thursday. I admit that yes, it has been fairly busy at times, but I have been more lazy than things have been happening. So there.

Anyway, Friday was a reasonable day at work. I had a meeting in the morning where we sorted out a few more design issues for the new Park & Ride site at Martlesham - mainly moving the windows in the Terminal building to somewhere they will actually serve a purpose other than letting light in. You would think that having the windows for a security office located so that the occupants could actually see what they were trying to keep secure (i.e. the car park) would be fairly obvious a concept. Not to architects obviously. Oh well, at least I got to see the plans in time.

Lunchtime I was forced to go up the town by the ruthless tactic of not making any lunch. Ended up with a very nice sandwich from Marks & Spencer but managed not to buy anything else. Then the afternoon just seemed to drag so I made my excuses and left early. Via Homebase to pick up a bathroom storage trolley we ordered two months ago and then Felixstowe Tourist Information Centre to drop some timetable books off. And thus ensure that the journey home can be counted as time worked and keep my hours up. Ooh, such a naughty person I am.

As well as having been on order for so long, the trolley has caused much hassle now we finally have posession of it. Not only does it not fit at the end of the bath where we wanted to put it (and only by a matter of a few mm) but when put in the second choice location between the other end of the bath and the toilet it prevents the loo from being flushed by being too tall for the handle to move fully. And as we have only had the bathroom suite since just before Christmas replacing the cistern with one where the flush handle is located elsewhere was not an option! In the end we took the wheels off and it does at least go in place b. Grrr.

Then in the evening we ate more Chinese food and watched You've Got Mail. I was pleasantly surprised by just how good a film it was. I know all the reviews raved over it, but I wasn't expecting them to be able to do another film as good as Sleepless in Seattle. Just shows a good team can repeat success. In fact the only downside to the whole thing was that it was a tape we had bought for Ernie's birthday that he never got to see. Which left a tinge of sadness.

Saturday was a nice and sunny day in the main, so naturally I spent most of it indoors. Partly through being absolutely zonked when I got up the first time. To the point where I had a spot of breakfast and went back to sleep for another 2 hours. I finally got up around 11 which I always thought was rare for me but seems to be becoming more prevalent. Really must see the Doctor about it soon. Anyway, I then spent most of the rest of the day clearing out the study (with help from Richard) in preparation for today. Which I will come back to in a minute or two.

The main aim was to get rid of the desk and one of the bookcases. Much to my surprise, not only did we manage that but he took the bookcase and Ma & Pa came round a bit in the evening and made off with the desk. Which was a bit of a result as I was expecting to have to pay the council to take them away.

Today I spent the morning (again with brotherly assistance) putting together the new desk and chair that are enabling me to write this in extreme comfort. A proper corner desk at last meaning I can finally (after 3 years) get the monitor a better distance from the keys and stuff like that. It all looks very nice and I just hope I will manage to keep it tidy. I don't hold out too much hope of that given my track record in the tidiness stakes, but Joan is threatening violence if I mess it up so fingers are crossed. Mum kindly made lunch then I came back here and spent the afternoon sorting junk out into neatness before it was time to fetch Joan from work. She has now gone off to Bingo with Helen so I thought it was only right that I give the equipment a proper test. Complete with help from Chasm, the second (and last) album from The Beyond. And now I must upload this, resist the temptation to check out the Llamasoft forums cos I'll be there for hours and go do some ironing - otherwise I'll have to go to work naked tomorrow. Which would probably make the office temperature bearable but not help in many other ways. So I shall listen to the new Bruce Springsteen album while I flatten some shirts and say adios for now.

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