Wednesday, August 07, 2002

I plucked up the courage in the end and made the call. And after a wrong number, looking him up in the book, leaving a message on his answerphone and waiting for him to call back I finally got to speak to the chap. Sounded OK and I have got an appointment to see him next Monday - which might just help me get in the right frame of mind for this interview thing. More details Tuesday morning I guess.

Dinner last night was good. Joan had bought a steamer and we gave that a try. All the veggies came out really well and were added to a very nice Chicken in white wine sauce she had picked up from M&S. Can't complain at all.

Currently listening to a couple of tracks from the Llamasoft game Tempest 3000 I was pointed to on the web. Quite uplifting they are too. In the car the Sprout has given way to Archaeology by The Rutles. Neil Innes & Eric Idle's spoof of the Beatles. Very well done and pretty funny too. Will have to give it a proper listen without traffic intrusions sometime. Some of the tracks appear to be spoofing one song musically and several others in the lyrics, which suits me fine.

Some more very strange dreams last night. One where I was walking through a bunch of terraced houses that all shared a common corridor across their fronts with no doors on. A bit odd - neighbours just waltzing through your front room ontheir way to somewhere else. There was also something to do with cycling in the dark but I can't work out/recall how that fitted in.

The other was even more bizarre. I was driving someone (never found out who as they always seemed to be just out of view) and we got caught up in a strange rally/treasure hunt type event. Lots of very flashy cars all with unusual occupants. We had to keep stopping and performing tasks, and if we failed them had to take some of a revolving group of passengers on to the next one. When I woke up we were trying to decide if small gold bars or a few ten pence pieces would be the more useful amount of currency to take on the next stage. Wish I could remember a bit more of it, but there you go.

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