Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Hmm, the sun has come out and my mood has lifted a bit. Must be some form of coincidence or cause and effect in action there. I wonder which. You decide (to quote the bloke off Big Brother). Had a bit of a mooch about at lunchtime which was slightly spoiled by having to make smalltalk with a colleague on the way in (I'm no good at that kind of meaningless chat, I just want to shout "Shut Up!" and run away). It was almost ruined by a screaming kid in Woolworths but fortunately I had the MD player with me and was able to drown it out.

Have finished the 80s discs and am now on to The Gunman and Other Stories by Prefab Sprout which is proving pretty good so far. As the title suggests there is a kind of country feel to it, and some of the songs were originally used by Jimmy Nail in his Crocodile Shoes tv shows/albums. So in some respects you could say the cover versions of those were released before the originals.

Oh, and it turns out I was both wrong and right about the pay deal stuff. We are only getting the original 3% straight away but it has to go through approval with unions and that will take six weeks so we won't get any back pay until the end of September. Then we get another 1% from October and a further 3% next year. So by next April we shouldn't be too badly off, but I don't want to wait that long so will still fill in the form.

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