Friday, August 09, 2002

Quite a good, fun and interesting couple of days since last I wrote.

Wednesday night we watched Seven and enjoyed it muchly. A bit gruesome in places but a very good plot etc.

Yesterday started far too early in order for me to meet Claire from Norfolk on the 0737 train to London. That went smoothly and we found our way to Fenchurch street with ease (and saw two policemen on horses too!). Train out to Grays was also dead simple and the walk to the office was simple too (even if I did nearly get clobbered by the barrier at the level crossing).

Morning part of meeting was a bit tedious (in fact I had real trouble staying awake) as it was mainly a guy talking about information strategies that we all have to write. The same guy giving basically the same presentation as we had two meetings ago. Oh well. They did put on a decent buffet though and Claire and Davina (Cambridgeshire) and I spent most of the time planning our strategy for today's meeting (of which more later).

After lunch we wandered back round to the bus station to admire their kerbs (no, really) then on a bus to the Tilbury - Gravesend ferry. That took us across the river where we saw the highpoint of the day - the grave of Pocahontas. Not what you expect on the banks of the River Thames but there you go.

Train back to London was delayed when the power lines were vandalised but we made it for the 1700 train and thus got home at 1830 which was nice.

Today we were in Norwich discussing marketing for our regional Traveline. We have been a little disappointed by the manager so far, so went in all three in agreement with guns blazing so to speak and seem to have got the desired outcomes. I also got to claim 115 miles and lunch so that made the drive up there in the rain worthwhile.

Now to go home and sleeeeeeeeeeep cos I'm zonked.

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