Thursday, August 01, 2002

Made the "mistake" of going in to Waterstones while I was out at lunchtime. Only bought 5 books, 4 of which were in the sale and together as a set so I guess they could count as one if I try to justify it properly. The 4 are Eric Thompson's Magic Roundabout scripts and the one is a serious investigation into computer games. Which seeing as how I have got right back into those of late was a must have. More details when they get read!

The meeting was OK - made some progress on the publicity for the Ipswich Gyratory but would still rather have been doing something else.

Am listening to a series of '80s compilations in the car at the moment and my unprovoked reactions to some of the songs got me thinking. Why does the memory work like that? If I was trying to actively think of certain places and events from the past I know I would struggle with some of the details but play me a song associated with them and wham - glorious technicolour. What got me this morning was Perfect by Fairground Attraction. That one (along with Love Shack by the B-52's and Sinead O'Conner's Nothing Compares 2 U) takes me straight to the bedroom m'friends Deborah & Marianne shared at Linden's lodge in College. Right down to the cheques for £1m and shrunken crisp packets stuck to the wardrobe doors. Kind of spooky that I can recall that much detail. I know I visited there on a regular basis but that was 12 years ago now.

Nearly time to go now. And to pick up some KFC for tea on the way home...

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