Friday, June 21, 2002

So now we are out of the World Cup, having been beaten by Brazil. How do I feel about it? Not sure actually. Despite not being a football fan it would have been nice to win for the country, but this way we get to head back to a normal life a bit sooner. Not that we do really, as Wimbledon starts on Monday so there'll be tennis everywhere instead.

Joan slept most of the evening and went to bed early as she was feeling zonked after her course. I feel that way today instead. Not sure if I slept to well last night - had another very strange dream featuring fast cars (except I had a Mini), people arguing and fighting, jumping off tall buildings and stuff. There was also a bit with a small bird being rescued which didn't seem to make any connection with the rest of it. All very peculiar and it must have stopped me sleeping properly without realising it.

I have also found a decent Sega emulator for the PC and started getting hold of some of the classics I bought and the others I never got round to/had the money for. A bit sad, but stops me going loopy.

Time for a spot of lunch now, then I WILL get out in to the sun for the first time this week. Must try harder next week.

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