Sunday, June 16, 2002

Finished the Railway Navvies Friday night. All in all a very good and interesting book. Been working through a couple of magazines since then but will probably choose a new book sometime later today.

Yesterday was a very lazy day. Joan woke up a couple of hours later than we usually manage and surprised me with breakfast in bed, then the next thing we knew we'd dropped off again and it was gone 11. We shopped while the footie was on (well done lads though) and then sat in the garden for a bit. Where we dropped off again. Followed by dinner and a fairly early night.

I still feel half asleep today though. Very strange. Seems like I can't get enough sleep at the moment.

Joan is at work today so I have done a stack of ironing (accompanied by Gongmaison and Sass by Salvation) and looked at the web a bit (with help from Credit To The Nation's Take Dis and EMFs Schubert Dip). Now back to the board I think!

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