Friday, June 14, 2002

Well, Joan has gone back to work today. Not 100% sure if she should have done, but she didn't really have much choice as she is the only member of management present. She is then off tomorrow, in Sunday, off Monday, in Tuesday, off Wednesday, on a course (here in Ipswich) Thurs before two days together in the shop Fri & Sat. So hopefully none of that will be too tiring for her. She was certainly as bright as a button when I dropped her off this morning, hopefully there will be a bit of energy left come 530.

I had a Car Parks meeting this morning. Nice to not be in the office, but no real knowledge gained or decisions made during the meeting so might not really have been worth going along to. However, I did notice that I was shake-free for all of it, and indeed until I got back in to here. So perhaps there is something in the office environment (by which I mean people and work not the air) that sets me off. Will have to try and make note of anything that may happen tomorrow. And I'm feeling half asleep again today which is a bit distracting too.

While I was out I had to deliver some leaflets to the courts. As a result I went further up the town than I usually venture of a lunchtime and noticed the Ann Summers window display which made me laugh. And they get my prize for top Jubilee promotion too. Whereas some shops are offering special coins or flags and have a bit of bunting up, AS have the Queen reading their new book of Wild Sex. They are also selling the limited edition "Her Majesty's Pleasure" sex toy. I didn't go in to see what that was though. A vibrating Sceptre perhaps?

We had been thinking of coming into Ipswich to have a lazy amble about the shops tomorrow, but I think we will give that a miss now. I had forgotten that England are playing Denmark in the World Cup at lunchtime and the police are expecting disruption whatever the results. Perhaps we will just stay in after all. It will probably rain anyway based on recent weeks.

Finished Revolting People on the way in this morning. A very good little series all told and I kind of hope they make another one as there were a few questions left unanswered. Like will Mary and the Captain get together, and will Ezekiel ever get his end away? Alternatively something by the same cast as roughly the same people set in a different time period like they did with Blackadder would be an interesting experiment.

Have now moved on to a Kevin Ayers disc. From a collection of live recordings made for the BBC, some of which feature a pre-Police Andy Summers on guitar and others a pre-Tubular Bells Mike Oldfield. All very good hippyish stuff. I was aware of KA through some stuff he'd done with Gong, but never encountered anything recorded in his own right before. Will now have to seek out more.

Now to pop up the town again to deliver some posters to Park & Ride.

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