Monday, June 10, 2002

Another up & down kind of weekend. Saturday spent alternating between the Iron and the PC (and also watch Tomb Raider with Richard over lunch. I know the reviews were crap but I quite like it). Also listened to a few CDs for the first time in ages. Just not felt like music recently, but did enjoy Chumbawamba's Showbusiness! and some Levellers.

I also had the unenviable job of taking Tawny to the vet. It seems she has cystitis again, the poor little darlin'. So now we have to give her tablets twice a day so by the time she has finished the bottle and been back to check they've worked we shall really be in her bad books. It always takes her weeks to trust us again when something like this happens.

Yesterday I got up late to find Joan about to start working in the Garden. I managed to take over cutting the grass from her, but she simply did other stuff like weeding instead. After lunch I fell asleep on the hammock during which time she blitzed the whole house. So of course that left me feeling guilty again. Even though she could have woken me up rather than putting a blanket on me if she'd actually wanted help. After waking up I thought I was doing fine, but shortly realised I was in a nervous and feeling edgy kind of mood, which is still persisting this morning. Nothing seems to be shaking me out of it at the moment, and I can't even try my favourite remedy of a walk in the sun as it is instead raining like crazy.

I seem to be getting a run of, not quite nightmares, but dreams that leave me upset (to the point of crying) or agitated afterwards. The other night I woke up in tears cos I dreamed I'd dropped Tawny's dinner and wasted 60p! What the hell is that all about? I'd give a lot to get this sorted once and for all. I seem to be tired all the time still too.

Ma & Richard came to dinner last night for her birthday, and we started watching Harry Potter with them afterwards. Didn't get it finished so they will be back tonight for that. Still seeing new little bits in there.

Been doing yet more "day after the books come out" timetable changes this morning, with a few more to knock off this afternoon. Blasted operators, and even more blasted Cambridgeshire County Council for supporting the short notice changes. Here we go then.

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