Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Joan came home from work last night with a bit of an upset stomach so I sent her to bed. She did get up after a couple of hours sleep, but still very fragile. This morning she woke up with a splitting headache and weak legs to go with the iffy tummy and has been sick etc. She now has had the Doctor out to visit and my Mum has gone to pick up a prescription for her. I don't mind admitting that I'm a bit worried for her. Wish I could be at home to look after her rather than sitting around here trying to look busy.

I still went over to BB, and it was just as good as before. We did a lot of floor work this time, and I haven't felt quite so unhealthy in years. Loads of work on the abs - muscles that I guess I've neglected up to now. Not too painful this morning though, which is nice. And who knows, perhaps this week I'll find time to practice.

Revolting People continues to amuse and The Railway Navvies to inform.

Managed to ignore all the hype over the football this morning (and indeed the previous matches) despite the fever apparantly gripping the nation. I really couldn't give a monkeys about the whole World Cup. In fact, I can't wait for the whole analogue/digital tv thing to get sorted out so that all sport of all types can be on a different channel so the rest of the schedules don't have to get messed up whenever something like this comes along. I don't want to deny people the chance to watch it, but at the same time think the rest of us shouldn't have to suffer. It gets even worse from now on as we have alternate schedules to choose from depending upon which teams are playing. Think I will stick to the book.

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