Thursday, June 13, 2002

Joan feeling a lot better today. Was supposed to be off anyway but still taking it very easy. At least I hope she is - can't really see from here! She spent pretty much the whole day in bed yesterday and we also had an early night - which I seem to have benfited from as well by not feeling quite so zonked as normal.

However, I've got the shakes real bad today. When I was first on these tablets I used to get an attack around 1030 every day that would last about half an hour or so, now it seems to be most of the day. Which is a bit irritating. I try to ignore it, but it tends to intrude at strange intervals where I realise I've been wobbling all along. The worst thing about it is that there is no physical manifestation - it just feels like I'm all a tremble. Even the heart rate stays the same, so what the actual cause is remains a mystery to me.

Called in at the post office this morning to pick up something that wouldn't fit through the letterbox yesterday. Another load of articles and stuff from America. Thanks Monica. Been stopping me from going off the wall between bits of work today. Some very interesting stuff as usual, a lot of which makes me feel guilty for not having a plentiful supply of suitable stuff to send back. Tend not to have the time to read a paper or anything though, so that's my excuse.

Could really use an early finish today, but I need to make up some hours. I have a flexi-day booked for next week (when Tawny dear needs to go back to the vet) and am only just on the threshold of hours I'd need to stay positive after it. Although we can carry over a negative amount and make it up later, I prefer not to. Feels better to be ahead I think. If nothing else, I am working extra for me to use then rather than because I need to make it up. I do like the flexi-time system here and certainly wouldn't want to go back to a rigid-hored workplace without serious financial inducements.

On that note, I was dreaming last night that I was being tested for a job back with Argos. I was doing really well despite not having been there for years now, and beating two people from the current workforce. Kept saying to people "I don't know how you got me here, beacause I'm not coming back...". Very strange.

Finally got confirmation of the renewed contracts for Park & Ride today. We will be staying with Ipswich Buses for another 5 years which means we can get on and do some things again. Also can start planning for Christmas (yes, I know it is only June) and the like. Perhaps I'd better do some rather than writing this.

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