Tuesday, June 18, 2002

The rain has finally stopped, but it is now too late to make use of dryness at lunchtime for another day. Especially as there is no chance of the seats in the park drying off enough to be sat on comfortably.

I am just really bored today. Nothing much to do, but I can't really admit that.

If I remember right, one of the comics we used to read years ago had a campaign to abolish Tuesdays, and I'm beginning to agree with them. Their reasoning went something like this: Saturday and Sunday are great, the weekend, no worries etc. Monday you can still remember the weekend which makes it OK. Wednesday is half way to the next weekend, so it must be good. Thursday was the day the comic came out, so got away with continued existence and Friday was of course the day before the weekend so you could spend all day looking forward to it. Tuesdays, however, had no redeeming features at all.

In real life we do have Body Balance tonight, but the work part of this particular Tuesday is just crying out for either something to happen or a fast forward button to get it over with. If nothing happens soon I may have to get on with the final part of my massive desk tidying project, which has been keeping me looking busy for some time now. Of course, there are still the in-trays to sort once the desk is done, so all is not total doom and gloom in the procrastination stakes.

Next Tuesday the jubilee baton thingy being carried around the Country before being used to kick-off the Commonwealth Games in Manchester is coming to Ipswich, but I can't see that bringing much interest to the day. Traffic congestion and trouble getting up to the shops if I need to at Lunchtime yes, but not excitement.

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